Technology, design, quality, and price are commodities.

No matter if a product is physical, service, content, digital or a combination of them, we should think of them the same way.

The advancement of technology, design, and production processes brought the unprecedented level of quality products and services at affordable price. The name of the game today is to provide customers with a product, service, or a combination of both, that has enough value for them, that they are prepared to pay a price for it.  (more…)

On externalities of good UX design and some brands saved by the web

Good UX design may be bad for you and the web, disastrous for some traditional companies, might save some others.

An externality in economics is a negative or positive effect of actions of one party to the other party that didn’t choose to be a subject of it. For instance, manufacturers can cause the pollution to their local community (negative externality), but can bring an educated and satisfied workforce to the community, as well (positive externality). The same goes for the effect of UX design.  (more…)

Coping with the overload. Artificial inteligence (AI) in design.

Service design, predictive design, and the artificial intelligence used in design of products and services.

In the age of ubiquitous computing, when computers are embedded in the world that surrounds us – from wearable devices to houses, cars, all kinds of connected devices and services – technology might quickly become quite demanding and overwhelming. Designers should predict the user’s needs in certain situations to achieve a normality and unobtrusiveness of the technology. Artificial intelligence in design is here to help.  (more…)